"Darkness and Demons hide below, afraid of something older than time and more fowl then the devil himself....."

                                ~Ancient Inscription 

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In my time attending Full Sail, I had the opportunity to design sounds for in-devlopment games. One such project was a piece called "Underworld",  I devoted much time to creating the ambiences, effects, and atmosphere in this game while in the Portfolio II course. This proved to be equally challenging as enjoyable, resulting in something I have taken much pride in.

Over the course of one month, I maintained  weekly production deadlines, resulting In a final cohesive  project. The assets produced included multiple ambiences and stingers, as well as foley footsteps and torch effects. The vocal  recordings were originals  utilizing  my own voice, while later processing  with reverb and pitch alteration. There were many additional sounds, such as the subtle stirring of the portal, or the  metallic, almost glassy crystal cave.

Sound Design Copyright  (c) Jesse Nunnally 2020
Game Design and Footage Belong to Full Sail University