Portfolio IV

“Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, build on to that which is already excellent.”
- Auliq Ice

Theme & Variation

"Fly High" - Aron Jaeger

    When I first listened to this song in the library, I instantly was drawn to it. My roots are dug in deep when it comes to EDM, mainly Dubstep, Future Bass, etc. That being said, my choice for a remix project was easily made. My head immediately filled with ideas for other interpretations. 

Original Chorus
Original Verse
Original Build/Drop
ReWire Build/Drop

This segment contains percussion i added on the build-up. all content was added using ReWire with Ableton live as the slave and Logic Pro as the master.

Build/Drop using Live recordings

This segment contains percussion and vocals I added using live musicians in the studio. The snare and drop vocals are all performed by myself.

Groove Change 
1/2 Time & x2 Time

This segment contains a demonstration of groove change from halftime to doubletime. All percussion changes were created by myself.

Sound Design Copyright  (c) Jesse Nunnally 2020